Conservation of our Heritage Stained Glass

Protecting our Heritage is a responsibility and a privilege.  Conservation is a gift we give to the past and the future.

Architectural Stained Glass

Canada has a rich history of architectural Stained Glass. Much of our earliest stained glass was imported from Europe during the vibrant Arts and Crafts Movement. Much was also manufactured in Canada and the USA. Canada uniquely blends the relatively  new 100 year old American style and the 1000 year old European lineage.  Regardless of origin, our stained glass heritage needs maintenance, timely repair or restoration, or it will be lost. Contact Lynette for a free estimate for Stained Glass Repair, Stained Glass Restoration, and Stained Glass Replication.


Decorative Glass is an integral part of architecture.  Different eras and styles require appropriate glass design.


In 1999, Lynette Richards completed a rigorous 3-year apprenticeship with a European Master Glazier in Canada during which she was immersed in Medieval, Renaissance, Pre Raphaelite, American and contemporary methods. This, in combination with her keen interest in Architecture, Design, Art History, and 20 years professional experience makes her uniquely qualified to care for your Stained Glass.


She has restored hundreds of home and church windows from Canada, USA, France and Germany using the most current Restoration guidelines.


Reproduction of Lost Stained Glass

No problem! Your new windows will look authentic and use architectural quality materials and professional construction methods!


Church Stained Glass Windows

Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel

Holy Cross Cemetery, Halifax Nova Scotia

Archbishop Walsh collected stained glass medallions during his visits to the UK in and around 1900. These were built into 3 stained glass lancets in Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel at the time. In 2019 the windows were in extremely fragile condition, and needed to be fully rebuilt. In addition, three medallions had paper sandwiched between glass, and were unrecognizable. Lynette Richards and Philip Doucette created new painted medallions.

Full restoration of Heritage Stained Glass lancets

Bethany United Church, Halifax Nova Scotia

The wooden tracery of this gothic arched stained glass window was leaking badly and needed full repair. Philip Doucette and Lynette Richards removed the stained glass, created templates for the carpenter, and a key for re-installation. A condition report was made, and windows were stowed in a custom made crate awaiting the restored tracery.

Removal and repair of church stained glass while tracery is restored

Jeddore United Baptist Church, Jeddore Nova Scotia

Lynette Richards of Rose Window Stained Glass was commissioned to design and create a new window for the congregation to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The congregation chose the theme, and approved the design.

Design and create new stained glass to celebrate Church’s 30 years

The Sisters of St. Martha, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

When the Sisters of St. Martha were ready to leave their Motherhouse for a new building across the field, their 400 stained glass windows from the Bethany Chapel had to be documented, removed, crated, and some relocated to the new chapel and a Heritage Gallery. Lynette Richards of Rose Window Stained Glass created a plan, and over several weeks she coordinated the removal, repairs, and organized their redistribution to new locations.

Lynette Richards of Rose Window Stained Glass coordinated the removal, repair, and re-installation of 400 windows for the Sisters of St Martha.

Kings College Chapel, Halifax Nova Scotia

Philip Doucette and Lynette Richards removed and repaired the damaged stained glass of Kings College Chapel.

St. Peters Anglican Church, Halifax Nova Scotia

Improper storm glazing causes a lot of problems for stained glass windows. Philip Doucette and Lynette Richards removed the centre panel and repaired the glass damage, while the wood and plexi storm window was repaired.

Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph Ontario

Agnus Dei - Lamb of God

Restoration of the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph ON

Church of Our Lady Immaculate 1


How do I know my window should be repaired?

Stained Glass windows need to be restored every 100 years or so. The oil-based putty crumbles to dust, the lead strips (cames) between each piece of glass begin to weaken, the solder joints crack. The windows begin to sag out of their frames, eventually causing stress fractures in the glass.  Stained glass windows should not rattle. They should be perfectly plumb, not bowed and no light should be visible around the pieces of glass.

How are stained glass windows restored?

Your window will be removed from the architecture and laid gently on a flat workbench to rest. It will be photographed and a pattern will be made. Damage will be indicated on the pattern, and decisions will be made regarding repair of broken glass, extent of necessary releading and  reinforcement. Restorers carefully dismantle your window, gently clean each piece of glass, re-lead and re-putty the whole thing in the same manner that it was originally made. This process completely renews your stained glass windows.

I want to install new high efficiency windows? Can I keep my stained glass?

Yes. This is a great time to repair or restore your stained glass! Old stained glass can be fitted to new replacement windows with consultation with the window manufacturer, or if necessary the stained glass can be framed to hang in front of the new windows.

What if the stained glass is missing from my home?

Lynette Richards has reproduced many missing windows. If any windows remain they are useful as reference. If not, other architectural details can guide us. The style and age of your home and the neighbourhood also provide great information. Lynette has an extensive library of historical glass books for reference. Never a problem!

Should I choose the lowest quote?

Restoration and repair work is priced using the Time Plus Materials method. Lynette Richards is a Master Artisan who delivers exceptional skill per hour and knows what types of glass and lead are traditional to your architecture’s style. As with every professional building trade, prices are flexible depending on quality of materials and complexity of labour. Lynette will show you options within your budget without sacrificing the professional quality of your window!  She honours her estimates and will involve you throughout the process. Her work is guaranteed. There will be no surprises.

Good for another 100 years!

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